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What Is An Advanced Healthcare Directive?

Something that is typically handled at the same time that a will is prepared is called an advance healthcare directive. Some people refer to it as a living will.

Like a will, an advance healthcare directive is really important. It designates who you want to make health care decisions for you when you can’t make your own. It also designates what your personal wishes are related to your health care if you are not able to state them yourself.

In Delaware, the form is set by statute and is very specific about the level of care you wish. It includes general things like whether you want your life prolonged as long as possible no matter what or if you don’t want it prolonged once you have a terminal condition with no hope of recovery. It also includes specific things like whether you want relief from pain, artificial nutrition, and breathing machines.

Life Happens Unexpectedly. Be Prepared.

Many people don’t have an advanced health care directive because they don’t want to think about death or dying – and that is totally understandable. Some people think they can put off stating their wishes until another day. But here’s the deal – life doesn’t work that way.

Accidents happen every day, and sometimes, there is no warning. If there is no health care directive in place, your loved ones will be left to wonder what your wishes are.

Some people say – “my family knows I don’t want my life prolonged.” What if there’s a disagreement within the family? One person says you want to be prolonged, and another says you don’t? It’s a terrible situation – and it happens.

We are trying to reach those people that know what their wishes are but haven’t put them in writing. We will be glad to sit down with you and create this document so that you know your loved ones will know what to do.

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