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In Delaware DUI laws are the same for someone riding a motorcycle as someone operating a car or truck. While owning a motorcycle may be a fun, exciting, and thrilling means of transportation you must still adhere to drunk driving laws in Delaware when driving a motorcycle. Motorcycle DUI is a serious offense. 

If you are riding a motorcycle and have a blood alcohol content (BAC) above the legal limit of .08 you can be arrested for drunk driving. Also, an accident while driving a motorcycle intoxicated is much more dangerous than a car accident while intoxicated. The prosecution may seek to impose harsher penalties on motorcycle riders arrested for DUI.

After a DUI while riding a motorcycle in Kent County, Delaware, or Sussex County, Delaware, you face very serious charges. You do have rights. However, it is in your best interest to consult with a skilled and experienced Georgetown, Delaware Motorcycle DUI Attorney. Call the Law Offices of Murray, Phillips & Gay at 302-855-9300. Or, email here.

Motorcycle DUI Defense Lawyers In Delaware

While operating a motorcycle in Delaware, police might pull you over for driving behaviors such as:

  • Excessive Speeding
  • Unsafe Lane Changes
  • Spinning Your Wheels/Peeling Out
  • Showboating/Wheelies/Endo’s
  • Improper Signaling
  • Swerving
  • Motorcycle Helmet Law Violation

If you are pulled over for any traffic violations after drinking, you can be arrested for a DUI in Delaware.

How A Delaware Motorcycle DUI Attorney Can Help You

A Motorcycle DUI arrest or conviction in Delaware is expensive, aggravating, and time-consuming. You must pay court fees, attorneys fees, fines, possible restitution in cases with property damage, and even jail time. Lastly, if convicted, your license will be suspended or possibly revoked.

Your life will become incredibly complicated for a long time after the DUI conviction. You will not have the freedom to get to work, school, or other necessary destinations in your own vehicle. With your independence taken away, a DUI can make you susceptible to losing much more than just your license.

Retaining an experienced Delaware Motorcycle DUI Attorney can help significantly. They will protect your rights, review the facts surrounding your arrest, and make sure the police officer conducted all field sobriety tests properly. If possible, we will aim to have your charges dropped or reduced. Get help from a skilled Delaware Motorcycle DUI Attorney.

Contact A Skilled Delaware Motorcycle DUI Attorney

Working with a Delaware Motorcycle DUI Lawyer is a good idea regarding your DUI case. We will protect your rights every step of the way. Call Delaware DUI Defense Attorney Roanld D. Phillips, Jr. at 302-855-9300. You can also email us by clicking here.

With over 25 years serving those charged with DUI in Delaware, we will tenaciously defend your rights. Our lawyers always do their best to keep the negative consequences of your pending drunk driving charges to a minimum. Our lawyers cannot guarantee any particular outcome in court.

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