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A traffic violation conviction in the State of Delaware can alter your everyday life in several ways. Serious traffic offenses such as DUI, Driving Without Insurance and Inattentive Driving can result in loss of driving privileges. In that case, you may lose your job if you cannot get to work.

If you are a student you may jeopardize your academic future. In addition, you may face huge increases in car insurance premiums. You should enlist the help of a Delaware Traffic Ticket Lawyer if you face serious traffic charges in Delaware.

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If you have been stopped by police and charged with a Traffic Violation in Delaware, call the Law Offices of Murray, Phillips & Gay in Georgetown at 302-855-9300, in Milford at 302-422-9300, and in Seaford at 302-628-9300.

Or, you can email a State of Delaware Moving Violation Defense Lawyer here. By retaining an experienced Milford Delaware Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer you will be assured that your rights will be protected. Mr. Phillips and Ms. Murray have offices in Milford, Seaford, and Georgetown, Delaware for your convenience.

Paying a traffic ticket can have penalties much more serious than the dent it makes in your checking account. You may also accumulate points on your driving record, which can cause your insurance rates to go up. After too many points, you risk a driver’s license suspension.

At Murray, Phillips & Gay in Delaware, We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your ticket and your options.

Experienced Traffic Violation Attorneys

We are experienced in handling all types of Delaware traffic violations, including:

  • Speeding violations result in 2 points, 5 points or a suspended license depending on how many miles per hour you drove over the limit
  • Inattentive or careless driving, which Delaware police officers commonly charge in accident cases − even if the accident was just an accident
  • Reckless driving
  • Improper passing
  • School bus violations, such as failing to stop or passing a stopped school bus
  • Driving while suspended, which can result in 60 days in jail for a second offense
  • Driving without insurance, which can result in a six-month loss of license plus a $2,000 fine

In Delaware, your drivers’ license is subject to review by the DMV if you accumulate 10 or more points in two years. Insurance companies regularly do audits of driving records. More points on your record can result in higher rates or make it hard for you to get car insurance.

Hiring a defense lawyer doesn’t always mean that you can beat a traffic ticket. However, we can often negotiate with prosecutors to reduce the ticket to fewer points or no points on your driving record.

Misinformation About Traffic Ticket Laws

Delaware Traffic Tickets can impact you more than you think. I recently was approached by a client who received a traffic ticket for speeding. She was charged with driving 17 miles per hour over the speed limit. When the officer issued her the ticket, he informed her if she just paid the ticket, there would be no points assessed against her license.

Based on that information, the client made some assumptions. She assumed the officer provided her accurate information and that if she followed his instructions, there would be no points and no impact on her insurance. Unfortunately, not only was the information wrong, so were her assumptions. 

Delaware DMV has issued an administrative warning that if someone is charged with a speeding violation of 1-14 miles over the limit, they will not be assessed points IF it is the first violation in the past three years and if the ticket is paid through the voluntary assessment center.

In this case, the client was charged with 17 miles per hour over the limit, not 1-14 mph over. Therefore, she didn’t qualify for the points exemption, and she would have been assessed 5 points if she had followed the officer’s direction.

This would have negatively impacted her driving record with DMV and her insurance rates. DMV will issue an advisory letter for as little as 8 points. If a driver gets 12 points, they face a mandatory behavior modification driving course which results in a two-month suspension if not taken.

Even if she had qualified, the administrative order still results in a conviction that would have impacted her insurance. The lack of points assessment does nothing to eliminate the possibility that the insurance company will issue a surcharge based on the violation. Most insurance companies consider violations, not points assessed by DMV. 

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated occurrence. I have had many clients contact me with questions based on information received by the police officer issuing the ticket or from their friends. Many believe they are receiving probation before judgment for a first offense if they simply mail in the fine. This is not the case.

In order to receive a probation before judgment which results in the ticket being dismissed and no conviction to report to your insurance, it must be approved by a Judge in the Justice of the Peace Court or the Court of Common Pleas.

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If you have received a traffic ticket, we would like to meet with you in person to discuss your case. To schedule a free initial consultation, please call 302-855-9300 or fill out the contact form on this site. Call the Law Offices of Murray, Phillips & Gay for everything from a traffic ticket to a complex DUI arrest. 

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