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Sussex County Office
215 East Market St.
Georgetown, DE 19947
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Kent County Office
257 E. Camden Wyoming Ave.
Camden, DE 19934
Ph: (302) 697-2499
Fax: (302) 855-9330
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New Castle County Office
750 Shipyard Drive, Suite 200
Wilmington, DE 19899
Ph: (302) 697-2499
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Attorneys Serving all of Delaware

Many times New Castle, Kent & Sussex County residents find themselves in need of an experienced Delaware criminal defense lawyer as they are facing some sort of legal issue. Common legal issues they may face can range from a simple traffic ticket, protection from abuse charges, misdemeanor criminal defense to felony criminal defense as well as DUI defense.

At MurrayPhillips P.A. , serving all of Delaware, we routinely handle these legal issues and more. We put the needs and interests of our clients first and take the time necessary to understand your situation, your individual needs as well as your goals. Our attorneys also take a logical and pragmatic approach to legal representation. Throughout the entire legal process we are working to protect your rights, your interests and obtain the best possible outcome for you.

To discuss your legal needs with an experienced Delaware attorney, dial (302) 855-9300 for our Sussex County office or (302) 697-2499 for our New Castle or Kent County offices. In addition, we have a wealth of experience representing non-Delaware residents with legal issues in Delaware.

Types Of Cases We Handle

MurrayPhillips P.A. is a general practice law firm. Our attorneys have many years combined experience handling legal matters including, but not limited to:

Criminal defense: Drug crimes, juvenile crime defense, property crimes, violent crimes

DUI defense: First offense, subsequent offense, CDL DUI, felony DUI, out of state DUI & drugged driving

Wills and Estates: Married couples and individuals looking to provide for the futures of their young children; Older people who have health concerns or whose financial or life circumstances have changed, creating a need for revisions to their will, trusts, health care directives or other existing estate documents; Individuals and families across the economic spectrum with a full range of unique estate planning need

How A Delaware Attorney Can Help You

In many cases, you stand to lose a lot if you attempt to navigate the Delaware legal system without a skilled and experienced attorney. Depending on the situation you are dealing with, you may face legal consequences such as fines, loss of driving privileges, loss of certain rights.

With so much on the line, it makes sense for you to consult with an experienced Delaware attorney who has your best interest in mind. It is important to remember that in every legal situation, no matter how severe, you have rights that need to be protected.

Experience You Can Trust

The Delaware legal system is very complex and can be very intimidating. With many years of experience practicing law in covering the entire state of Delaware, we are able to competently represent people facing almost every type of legal matter.

At MurrayPhillips P.A. we not only represent Delaware residents but we also provide representation for people from outside of Delaware, such as those who are accused of DUI/DWI while vacationing on our beaches. In many cases we are able to work with clients from a distance, limiting the number of times they have to come back to deal with the charges.

Contact An Experienced Delaware Lawyer Today

If you have any type of legal need we are ready to meet with you in person to discuss your case. To schedule an initial consultation at our Sussex County office, please dial 302-855-9300. or (302) 697-2499 for Kent or New Castle County offices.

MurrayPhillips P.A. offers free consultations to those facing criminal, DUI and serious traffic violation charges.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Delaware

 Bethany Beach, DE  Seaford, DE
 Camden, DE  Harrington, DE  Smyrna, DE
 Dagsboro, DE  Laurel, DE  Sussex County, DE
 Delmar, DE  Lewes, DE  
 Dewey, DE  Milford, DE  
 Dover, DE  Millsboro, DE  
 Fenwick Island, DE Rehoboth Beach, DE  

DUI Attorney Delaware

 Bethany Beach, DE  Georgetown, DE  Seaford, DE
 Camden, DE  Harrington, DE  Smyrna, DE
 Dagsboro, DE  Laurel, DE  Sussex County, DE
 Delmar, DE  Lewes, DE  
 Dewey, DE  Milford, DE  
 Dover, DE  Millsboro, DE  
 Fenwick Island, DE  Rehoboth Beach, DE  

Real Estate Attorney Serving Delaware

Bethany Beach, DE Rehoboth Beach, DE  Sussex County, DE
 Camden, DE  Harrington, DE  Smyrna, DE
 Dagsboro, DE  Laurel, DE
 Delmar, DE  Lewes, DE
 Dewey, DE  Milford, DE
 Dover, DE  Millsboro, DE
 Fenwick Island, DE  Seaford, DE  
Georgetown, DE