Trick Or Tipsy -Begining Of The Fall DUI Season

What do you think of when you see kids in costumes, candy, and scary decorations – Halloween of course! For many adults, Halloween has also become a time for mature fun, partying, and possibly one too many drinks.

If you are an adult who loves the Halloween party scene, you won’t be surprised that over a third of adults plan to attend a party in October. The restaurant and bar industry knows that Halloween is in the top ten list of holiday drinking, just behind Cinco de Mayo.

It seems to reason that if both the bars and restaurants understand this, so do the local police departments. You can expect DUI checkpoints and police officers on the lookout for impaired drivers.

This year Halloween falls on Tuesday, October 31. Halloween celebrations start the Friday before and continue through the holiday. If you are participating in any adult festivities, please plan for a safe way home. Have a designated driver, taxi, Lyft, or Uber number ready to call.

When you or someone you know gets arrested or charged with impaired driving, things could feel extremely scary. You probably won’t know what to do or even what consequences you might be facing. An experienced DUI attorney can help by reviewing your case, explaining the potential penalties, and presenting the best case in your defense. A good DUI attorney can make all the difference.

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