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Christmas In Family Court

CHRISTMAS EVE 2014 ~ REFLECTIONS FROM RON PHILLIPS For the first time in my 20 years as a lawyer, I spent this Christmas Eve in Family Court. I am a

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Bail In Delaware

Delaware bail guidelines have been provided to help Justice of the Peace Courts impose bail fairly and consistently. Although judges must still use a fair amount of discretion and look

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Warrantless Searches Of Cell Phones

WARRANTLESS SEARCHES OF CELL PHONES In June of 2014, The United States Supreme Court announced that the police may not perform warrantless searches of cell phones without a warrant. Riley

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Criminal Offenses In Alderman Court

TRANSFERS AND APPEALS FROM ALDERMAN COURT TO COURT OF COMMON PLEAS A dollar makes a big difference in the Alderman Court depending on whether one wants to transfer a criminal

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Handheld Cellphone Crackdown Campaign

Delaware is cracking down on drivers who talk or text on their handheld cellphones while driving. The “Phone in One Hand. Ticket in the Other” driving campaign aims to reduce distracted driving,

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DE Police Are Running DUI

According to WBOC Channel 16, Delaware State Police are conducting DUI checkpoints on Labor Day Weekend.  Before you hit any of the state’s major roadways this weekend, buckle up, pay

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Should I Update My Estate Planning?

MISTAKES IN ESTATE PLANNING During the Labor Day Weekend, there is an extra police presence covering the entire State of Delaware. They conduct traffic stops focused on aggressive driving, distracted

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