Should I Update My Estate Planning?


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If you have completed your estate planning, please take a few minutes and see if any of these apply to you:

  • First, Estate laws are not national. Each state has its own nuances. What is required in one state may not be required in another. If you have moved to another state, you should have an attorney in your new state review your documents and make any changes necessary. Also, laws can change. For example, if your Health Care Directive for Delaware was written before the year 2010, it very well may be outdated.
  • Second, the things you care about change. One of the happiest occasions that could cause a change is an addition to the family, such as a child or marriage. There are instances where it may be necessary to remove someone who was included in the estate plan, such as a death or divorce.
  • Third, your assets and liabilities change. When there is a substantial change, it is wise to review your documents.
  • Finally, your retirement plan can become outdated. A major mistake in estate plans is to fail to update beneficiaries. The beneficiaries for your IRA’s and 410K’s, and other such plans follow the forms in the plans, not your will or trust. If your plans are over 10 years old it is prudent to review them.

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