Supreme Court

So what is the final stopping place that is the ultimate authority on Delaware law? The Delaware Supreme Court.

As the highest court in the state, the Supreme Court has final appellate jurisdiction in criminal matters and civil final judgments from the Superior Court and specific orders from the Family Court and the Court of Chancery. The Delaware Supreme Court has quite a reputation. We have mentioned that the Court of Chancery has a worldwide reputation because many corporations are incorporated here in Delaware. When a corporation is unhappy with a Chancery decision, it is appealed to the Delaware Supreme Court. When the Delaware Supreme Court issues an opinion, the corporate WORLD listens. It’s pretty exciting for such a small state to have such an impact in the legal world.

Interestingly, the Delaware Supreme Court is relatively new. It was established in 1951 by a constitutional amendment. The first state Supreme Court initially consisted of 3 justices but was enlarged to 5 justices in 1978. The court is CURRENTLY comprised of 1 justice from Sussex County, one justice from Kent County, and three justices from New Castle County. The Supreme Court is located in Dover and hears oral arguments almost every Wednesday. Because of the volume of cases, not all cases get an oral argument, and many are decided on written legal briefs.

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