ST. Patrick’s Day In Delaware

Delaware comes alive with celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day, which is March 17. Many popular St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, such as the Milford Pub Crawl, are back this year. Green Beer will be flowing in abundance!

Unfortunately, that means police will also make plenty of DUI arrests. Several St. Patrick’s Day drinking events are planned in Delaware this year. Police generally have increased patrols for DUIs around all the holidays—not just St. Patrick’s Day.

But what happens if you’re one of the people arrested for DUI after a St. Patrick’s Day celebration? For most people, getting in touch with a Delaware DUI lawyer who can help makes sense.


For more information on DUIs in Delaware, click here.

If you’re arrested in Milford, Delaware, for a DUI on St. Patrick’s Day, contacting an attorney who handles Delaware DUI cases is in your best interest. Your lawyer will find out what happened, see the evidence the prosecutor has against you, and determine the best action to move forward.

Experiencing a Delaware DUI arrest can be a frightening experience, and the gravity of the situation can make it challenging to know which steps are needed to secure a thorough defense. If you need assistance with a DUI in Delaware, contact the Law Offices of Murray, Phillips & Gay immediately. We have over 25 years of experience providing customized legal advice and defense for individuals charged with DUI/DWI and other related charges. We are the Delaware DUI lawyers you can trust. Our lawyers in Georgetown and Milford, DE, are ready to go to work for you.

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