Legal Fireworks In Delaware

Legal Fireworks In Delaware

Are fireworks legal in Delaware? Well, yes and no. Although the State Fire Marshal’s Office doesn’t support the law change (Title 16, Chapter 69, D), certain types of fireworks are legal to use on July 4 and December 31, and they’re banned in the state at all other times. You can purchase fireworks in Delaware 30 days before July 4 and December 31.

To keep it legal:

  • Keep it ground-based. Choose from spinners, fountains, jumping jacks, ground blooms, and handheld sparklers.
  • Firecrackers are still illegal. Smoke bombs are legal, as are “crackle” type products that make a non-explosive sound.
  • Use it all up on the 4th. July 4 and December 31 are the only days when fireworks are legal in Delaware. They go back to being illegal on July 5 and January 1.
  • To be safe, purchase your firework supply in Delaware. Fireworks legally sold in Delaware are permissible to use on July 4 and December 31.


Fourth of July Fireworks Celebrations are on for 2023. If you are looking for a sizeable exciting firework display, check out the local celebrations in Sussex County. Here is a link to some local events in southern Delaware. 


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