Gathering Evidence At A Traffic Accident In Delaware

You may try your best to be a careful driver, but sometimes accidents occur. If you’re in a traffic accident in Delaware and are accused of reckless driving that has caused the accident, it is important that you take steps to protect yourself. There are several ways you can gather evidence at the accident scene that can later help you and your criminal defense attorney build the best defense against the charges that may face you.

State law in Delaware requires that you give reasonable assistance to any individuals who are injured in an automobile accident, so provide aid and call 911 for police and ambulance responses immediately after the accident occurs. Next, you should protect the scene by turning on your vehicle’s flashers or distributing flares in the area before you can begin documenting and gathering any evidence relevant to the traffic accident.


Photographs are particularly important as evidence, so take note of the location and remember to take many pictures of the entire accident scene, including damage to all vehicles and skid marks. Get information from the drivers involved in the accident, including their names, contact information, dates of birth, insurance information, and specifics of their automobiles, including license plate numbers and the vehicles’ colors, years, makes, and models.

Ask all witnesses of the accident for their names and contact information, and inquire if they can remain at the scene to speak with responding police. Once the officers respond to the scene, ask them for their names, and troop number. Your attorney will use that information to get a copy of your police report. 

Gathering evidence at the scene of your traffic accident may help you and your criminal defense lawyer if you are charged with reckless driving. Remember to include photographs of the entire scene and location. Asking witnesses to stay at the scene and speak to police about their observations of the accident may strengthen your case against any charges you may face in relation to the incident.

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