New Milford, Delaware Office

The Law Offices of Murray, Phillips & Gay are pleased to announce the relocation of their Kent County Office to downtown Milford, Delaware. We are located at 23b NW Front Street and can be reached at 302-422-9300. In our new convenient location, we have the ability to serve clients in Milford and the surrounding areas as well as the rest of Kent County. We will continue to offer representation for Criminal Defense and DUI, Estate Planning and Wills, Family Law and Real Estate matters. Julianne Murray practices in the areas of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advanced healthcare directives and […]

Plumbing Issues?

We would like to give a big shout out and say thank you to B. Walls & Sons, especially Charlie Steiner and his crew, for fixing our plumbing issues last week.  They came out and fixed our problem quickly and efficiently.  We highly recommend B. Walls & Sons!

Thomas E. Gay Joins Law Firm

In September 2017, Thomas E. Gay joined the law firm with Julianne E. Murray and Ronald D. Phillips, Jr. forming the Law Offices of Murray, Phillips & Gay. Mr. Gay was a partner with the law firm of Stumpf, Vickers & Sandy, P.A. in Georgetown, Delaware from 1999 to 2017. Mr. Gay has also been a guest speaker at “Fundamentals of Family Law”, “Custody Evaluations for the Private Practitioner”, “Property Division in the Family Court”, “Divorce Law 101-Obtaining the Best Settlement for Your Client in Delaware”, to name a few. Mr. Gay was selected as one of the Top Delaware Family Law/Divorce […]

One Week in August

ONE WEEK IN AUGUST ~ by Ronald D. Phillips, Jr. I recently returned from a trip to California and after having a few days to reflect, I decided to try to describe the impact the trip had on me. The purpose of the trip was to take a friend, adaptive surfer Jay Leisner, to surf Southern California, the mecca of modern surfing. Despite the noble purpose, the feelings the trip ultimately stirred in me were uniquely personal. The trip took me back to a time when life was more innocent and less heavy. A time when I got to surf […]

Jay Liesener and Team Surfgimp

Spreading the Stoke ~ By Ronald D. Phillips, Jr. Last night, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a party to honor my friend Jay Liesener and to celebrate his upcoming trip to San Diego where we hope to fulfill his dream to surf the waters of Southern California. As I stood there interacting with all the people who came out to be a part of what has become affectionately known as Team Surfgimp, I couldn’t help but reflect on how remarkable this whole thing was. I listened to everyone talking about how they came to know Jay […]

Delaware’s Courts and Legislators Review Heroin Deaths

The availability of heroin is responsible for many overdoses and deaths in Delaware in recent years and has prompted a number of changes in laws. Police, paramedics, and mental health officials have all seen a steady increase in heroin use among the population, and the Drug Enforcement Administration named it as Delaware’s largest drug threat. The state’s legislature has been taking proactive steps to fight the heroin epidemic, and federal authorities recently indicted an alleged Delaware heroin supplier, charging that the individual’s supply of drugs resulted in the overdose death of a woman in Pennsylvania.

Drugs and Probable Cause Ruling in Delaware

A June 13, 2016 ruling in Delaware’s Court of Common Pleas can have wide implications in future DUI arrests. Judge Carl C. Danberg ruled that the “exceptionally broad” definitions of drugs allows Delaware police officers to establish probable cause for a driving under the influence arrest without identifying the specific substance a person may have used. The ruling followed a defendant’s motion to suppress evidence from a June 2015 arrest. The defendant argued that the arresting Delaware State Police officer could not determine a crime had occurred after the defendant hit another vehicle at an Instate 95 toll.

Successful Attempted Murder Defense

Ronald Phillips and Julianne Murray successfully defended a Dover Delaware man facing counts of attempted murder with first-degree assault and lesser charges including offense and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.  They gained an acquittal on all counts. Read the article here:

Beach Replenishment – From the Guard Chair

Beach Replenishment – Part II, continuation of “Beach Replenishment – A Perspective from an Old Salt”. I saw Mrs. S standing on the shoreline staring at the ocean looking quite upset. I became acquainted with Mrs. S nearly 30 years ago as a young lifeguard. She was always very nice to me and we would exchange pleasantries whenever we would see each other on the beach. Over the many summers I spent lifeguarding, I got to know her as she would catch me up every spring on the events of her winter back in the city. As a career educator, […]

Beach Replenishment-A Perspective From an Old Salt

In addition to being a Delaware lawyer, I am also a part-time lifeguard with a career that has spanned 32 summers guarding the Delaware beaches as well as a lifelong surfer. On a recent trip to Rodanthe on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I had the opportunity to watch as my two youngest children accomplished the milestone of paddling into and surfing their first waves unassisted by Dad. Thereafter, I literally could not get them out of the water the rest of the trip. They caught the surfing bug that first bit me more than 35 years ago. *When […]


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