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Memorial Day Weekend in Delaware

Even though it won’t be the same this year because of the Covid-19 restrictions, Memorial Day weekend still comes with thoughts of the sand, sunburns, the boardwalk, social distancing, the smell of the ocean, and amazing foods. Along with all of the great things that are associated with our Sussex county beaches, there are some things you want to avoid. Traffic Tickets, DUI’s Disorderly Conduct, and Noise complaints are just a few things that could ruin your trip to our great beaches You will want to find a Criminal Lawyer While your friendly real estate lawyer may be a great […]

Federal Lawsuit Targets Delaware Coronavirus Restrictions

This is who we are at Murray, Phillips & Gay.  We are real lawyers for real people.  People in Delaware are suffering right now and until Friday, May 15 no one had legally challenged the Governor’s restrictions.  We are proud to have filed this lawsuit and can assure everyone that there are more coming.  We can’t just stand by and let our rights be trampled anymore.  We are humbled by the emails and comments that we have gotten for filing this suit.  Although only Julie’s name is on the lawsuit, all 3 partners are on the same page about protecting […]

COVID-19 Update

During this time of social distancing, we are still here for you! We are taking all precautions to keep our staff as well as our clients as safe as we can. We are accepting office conferences but are encouraging phone conferences whenever possible.  We are limiting office conferences to one conference at a time and setting appointments with the least amount of waiting as possible. If you are contemplating your estate planning, give us a call. Julie Murray is accepting appointments or phone conferences, whichever best suits your situation. If you have a family law case, Tom Gay is accepting […]

Court of Chancery

The Court of Chancery has jurisdiction over equity cases. So what is an equity case? It’s a case where the remedy sought is something other than money damages. Things like writs, injunctions, and orders of specific performance. So what kinds of cases are these? Some examples are corporate matters, commercial and contract matters, trusts, estates, and other fiduciary matters, disputes involving the purchase and sale of land, questions of title to real estate, and guardianships. Basically, the Court of Chancery is where you go if you are trying to get someone to do something or to stop doing something. Learn […]

Advanced Health Care Directives ~ it’s about your family.

Recently I was at a game catching up with friends.  A friend recently died and invariably the subject of advanced health care directives (also called living wills) came up and I shared my “pitch” about how important a living will is. I was talking to 4 people, ranging in age from 30-60, all of whom said that they don’t want extraordinary measures taken, and not one of them has executed a living will.  So I asked them why.  Answers ranged from “just haven’t had time” to “I don’t have an attorney” to “Isn’t it complicated?” Is it Complicated to Have […]

Did you hear the one about the Lawyer…

As a lawyer, I often get to hear jokes about lawyers and have received many backhanded compliments about my chosen profession. Lawyers are often viewed in a negative light and sometimes rightly so. However, I do find it ironic that lawyers are the first to be called upon when people need help with a legal problem. Lawyers can only represent people who are seeking representation…without clients, there would be no need for lawyers. Lawyers are at the forefront of protecting individual rights and societal injustices so I thought for a change I would post some quotes that present lawyers in […]

Christmas in Family Court

Christmas Eve 2014 ~ Reflections from Ron Phillips For the first time in my 20 years as a lawyer, I spent this Christmas Eve in Family Court. I am a trial lawyer, so I am used to having my personal schedule determined by an unsympathetic Court that needs to process an incredible number of cases in a short period of time. Since I practice both family law and criminal defense, I am also used to the spike that occurs in Court activity around the Christmas holiday. This, however, was a first. It seems that with each passing year the number […]

Holiday Season DUI’s

The time after Thanksgiving through Christmas and the New Year is the holiday party season. A lot of us will be partying with our family, friends, and co-workers. Most of those parties will include adult beverages, and we think we know our limits. “I can have a couple of drinks. I’m not slurring my words or stumbling, therefore, I’m good to go.” As this group of people learned in this Today News clip, it is easy to underestimate the amount you drank and overestimate your ability to drive. While attending holiday parties, simply not drinking and driving is the safest […]

Supreme Court Search Warrant Requirement

The Supreme Court is Chipping Away at the Search Warrant Requirement The Supreme Court held on February 24, 2015, that Police can search a home without a warrant even when one of the occupants objects. The issue for the Court happened because the police searched the home of a man in Los Angeles after he expressly told them they couldn’t. The Police arrived at the home of Walter Fernandez, after following him from the scene of a robbery. Upon their arrival, he informed them they were not permitted to come in. Fernandez was then arrested and the Police returned an […]

Bail in Delaware

Delaware bail guidelines have been provided to help Justice of the Peace Courts impose bail fairly and consistently. Although judges must still use a fair amount of discretion and look at all of the circumstances in setting bail, that discretion is restrained by both statutory and constitutional limitations. The Delaware bail guidelines policy is used to help judges make logical and appropriate decisions when imposing bail. Delaware essentially has four types of bail; “OR” or release on own recognizance, unsecured bail, secured bail and cash bail. Delaware allows someone released on their own recognizance to not post any money for […]


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